1. Lately Ive been helping out to nanny extra for little Andi.. They live off of Sunset Cliffs and have a beautiful ocean view from the house!

    I’ve also gotten very crafty with onesies and tie dyed and plain dyed them and now I’m painting designs on them!

    Next photo is Eleanor and myself at Santa Cruz beach in OB on Friday.

    First belly pic is on the Huntington Beach Pier this Saturday.. There was a neat kite festival there too! Next pics are the sunset in Newport Beach Saturday night!

    Lastly, we crashed The Dana hotel down the street from our home this Sunday! It’s been a weekend in the sun!


  2. Greetings to all! Baby registry information!

    I know my blogging has been less frequent, but circumstances with internet/my computer needing a new battery/ being busssssy busy busy has made it a little harder. I recently went to TN to visit and Lee got to come too! We had a wonderful time and I was so glad we got time with everyone that is important to me! When we came home, we got back to work with planning and figuring out some things in store for our future, but then we realized that we only have 4 months until the baby is expected to be here! I have made a registry at Target.com and Amazon.com for the baby. The things listed are mainly only essentials.. We have basically nothing so far, so anything on our registries is needed!


    This is a link to find our Target registry. Just type in my name and our registry will pop up as Ashley Meeks + Lee Laughridge registry.


    This is a link to find our Amazon registry. Just type in my name and our registry will pop up!

    We are so appreciative of all of our family and friends who will be gifting us and baby Laughridge with much needed things to enter into our world! Thank you all!

  3. My babe in my belly! Lee and I are going to teach this little one how to love the world, be kind to all, admire and obsess over the outdoors, climb it’s little heart out, and follow his or her dreams! Can’t wait for the day this little one comes into the world and we see if we have a beautiful son or daughter to give all of our unconditional love to!
    Current mission: prepare for motherhood. Learn to gain strengths in my weaknesses, become a more patient and calm being, and keep my baby happy healthy until he or she decides to join us (around July 4th :)


  4. we went to the desert!

    Anza-Borrego Desert State Park to be exact!

    We had a nice and very secluded day hiking in the middle of the desert.. we didn’t see 1 single person! We sat and watched an ant farm being crazy cool and just talked about how nature is just wonderful on the tiniest scale! We also loved spending time walking Eleanor.. she always shows her appreciation when we take her on long walks and hikes. We stayed out there and watched the sunset, then hiked back in the dark. The stars were out but the moon was orange as can be and SO AWESOME! Full moon desert hike?? YES, please :)

    So I am sure most of you know now that I am pregnant.. and if you didn’t know, now ya do! As you can see I kind of look like a little kid here. This first trimester has been tough with no appetite and nausea and I am back to my high school weight of 115. But As of now I am feeling better and eating more so I’ll be packing on the lbs soon enough!

    It was beautiful!

    Me excited about the ants….. I love bugs

    My loves


    Tree pose!

    sweeeeping pup

    I love this man!

  5. Bishop, CA
    Climbing the Buttermilks, Owens River Gorge, and a little hike at Mt. Whitney Portal.

  6. Hanging around the RV!


  7. Overdue!

    So recently with our move into the RV, us going on a trip to the eastern Sierras, Thanksgiving in Temecula, then lee and I both getting sick, we’ve been busy and I haven’t posted. I also had a total brain fog and forgot which email address was my login for my tumblr so that delayed the postings as well! But, we are semi back to normal and ill post some photos!

  8. California Video.. Not all of them, but a glimpse in my life on the beach and being a nanny to sweet Juliet.


  9. Torrey Pines State Beach

    Before I went to Minnesota, I took a day to go to Torrey Pines, in La Jolla. I got a little sun and a lot of quiet time. This beach is the coolest. I’ll be back soon for sure.










    Saw 5 dolphins swimming along the shallow water!


  10. the red

    When I was in TN, Rachel and I took a road trip to Slade, Kentucky to go to Red River Gorge to get some outdoor climbing in and camping. I am SO glad we did it- we had the best time!

    rae rae climbing!

    climbing at Red River Gorge with new friends was terrific!


  11. Home to TN

    Going home for a week sure was wonderful! It was bitter sweet because I wished Lee was there so badly! My time there flew by, but I am so glad I had such a nice visit with my family and a few friends. I stayed local during this trip.. barely making it to Nashville or out and about. I spent all of my time with all of my family, and even slipped in a quick trip to Kentucky to go climbing at Red River Gorge with Rachel (I’ll post pictures in my next post). Here are just a few photos of things I did in Manchester.

    We went to the gun range and then went to Old Stone Fort. 


    I’m a pretty good shot!

    yee haw! ;)

    Old Stone Fort 

    dad used to take showers in these waters :)


  12. Big Bear

    Lee and I packed up the car and headed out Friday night to Big Bear up in the mountains at 7,000 feet to see the newest Reel Rock Film, Reel Rock 8. Reel Rock films are inspiring movies about different climbers and mountaineers in the world. Those films are very dear to our hearts because they show people doing things we want to do someday! Before the film started Saturday night, we took a 6 mile stroll around the lake with Eleanor, then got back to town early enough to cheer on people from a 50 MILE AND 100 MILE TRAIL RACE. These people were crazy amazing runners!!! We got to witness the first, second and third place winners of the races and got to see very happy and inspired people all around us! A 15 year old boy completed the 50 miler in a crazy short time of less than 12 hours! The 100 mile winner completed 100 miles of INTENSE trail running in less than 24 hours! Lee was a runner in cross country in high school, and has ran a marathon, and had to stop running due to constant injuries, so he understood the magnitude of it and was very excited to see these people accomplishing such crazy goals!

    As the runners were trickling in, they start the film outside on a big screen. So we pulled our crash pad up and sat on it with a sleeping bag to warm us (it was close to being in the 30s!) And the film was wonderful! If you ever want to see humans being complete machines, and blowing your mind, you should watch a Reel Rock film! 

    Here are photos from our hike :)

    We slept in the car Friday night in this parking lot :)

    Big Bear Lake

    El excited to run around off-leash

    Our sweet girl :)

    watching El zoom by me!

    Biiiiig cones for biiiiig trees

    ravens all around

    Stopping for lunch! LOOK AT ELEANOR SMILING. She was as happy as a clam.

    The fam! Before Reel Rock.

    All smiles here!


  13. Idyllwild











    carrying the crash pad for bouldering!


    Lee and El


    I found a lil lizard!


    My girl




    We had a day off and since we have been missing the mountains and outdoors so much lately we decided to spend that day in Idyllwild. It was so nice to just be outdoors in some elevation (4000 ft) out of the city and away from a lot of people to just BE with the trees, birds, creatures, each other, and our sweet dog. We had a wonderful time and I am so thankful for reminders like Idyllwild to show me where I will be someday in the future and to keep my mountain addiction at ease.


  14. beach dayz

    exploring …

    right by my home.


  15. Some days I actually have time to sit and think of what all my life has become the last few years and today has been one of those. 

    I absolutely adore my life here in California with my absolute best companion and friend and love, but today, I am missing the mountains. I miss the comfort of leaving my home and within 20 minutes I can be hiding away in the front range by myself or with friends, for a weekend or just a few hours. I miss the smell of alpine in the high elevations. I miss the drive up to Boulder and how excited I got when I started to see the Flat Irons. I yearn for the feeling of butterflies in my belly from seeing and experiencing something completely new in such an inspiring place of wonder. The snow. Oh, the beautiful snow. I miss how when I worked out or was hiking I would yawn over and over because my body was trying to gasp in as much air as possible.. the thin air made me feel SO alive. I even miss what most consider annoyances.. the dry and hard crust inside my nose and the ever-drastically changing weather. I miss the place I called home from the moment I jumped out of the car for the first time in Colorado Springs, a year and a half ago.

    But most of all.. I miss climbing outdoors. Don’t get me wrong, Lee and I are very lucky to be members at a climb gym and we go often.. but pulling on plastic is nowhere near the joy of grabbing limestone or sandstone and finding a way to shimmy up a rock with no pre-meditated route. Following taped routes can be very fun, and rewarding, but the fact is, climbing outdoors is freeing. It gives you the freedom to choose every hold you hold onto and every use of your body to guide you. I am a much more passionate climber when I am outdoors.. I find that indoor climbing gives me more frustration than desired due to not feeling satisfied with my climbs. Outdoor climbing is literally what some could call a Grand Show. The rewards you gain when you finish the route are not just a simple ‘woo-hoo I did it’ but most of the time it’s a ‘holy cow that was epic!’ and once you turn around and see the view behind you, often times you melt just a little and realize that you are seeing a view of the world that not many others have seen. I truly feel that climbing outdoors is a form of moving meditation and it cannot be fully explained. I am sucked into this sport.. It drives me and most of my decisions.

    All I know is that the only thing driving Lee and I to stay here is money. So eventually we can move on to the part of life where we get to climb outdoors every single day and rent is non-existent. (See what I mean about all decisions somehow driven by climbing??) Just living our dream life, making our goals happen, and having fun with silly part-time jobs and a career in strictly living the perfect, adventurous life is what’s in store for us! So, for now, we are on the coast making money, paying debts, and living a short-lived life of full-time scheduled work.. Those things aren’t exactly thrilling in our eyes, but I am happy with where we are in life together. I just absolutely cannot wait until we start a new chapter in a new MOUNTAINOUS place. We have been discussing Bishop, California more seriously lately due to the fact that sport climbing and bouldering are both endless there, and we will still be in a wonderful central location for visiting other amazing destinations. We have, however, not dismissed Colorado, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, and a few other western states as future options for living as well so that makes me excited. We are open to finding a new home within a year to relocate in our Train with our two crazy animals and only a few belongings to our name.

    My light at the end of this short tunnel is shinning bright because I know we will be making our way to mountains soon enough. So for now I am taking advantage of gaining a connection with the ocean, sand, and never-ending chilly nights. An loving acceptance to the noise of airplanes flying over my house from 6 am to 10 pm every single day. An attachment to walking everywhere and only filling up the gas tank once a month. A love for this small, quirky, grungy, unique community.. and the utmost appreciation for the experience to be able to live right on the beach.. something many people would absolutely trade anything for. I am truly a blessed lady.

    Wish us luck as we continually transition into a life together. Give us thoughts of positivity and courage.. so we stay happy although the circumstances aren’t ideal at the moment. That we can always be reminded of how blessed we are for health and love.. for the gift of being Crunch and Eleanor’s owners.. for the wonders of having found one another through the craziest circumstances, and for the gift of being able to express the same passions in life. Lee is a man of so many qualities that I never dreamt I would have in a partner, and I am hopeful that as time goes on we can live a not-even-close-to-normal life together in the best sense of the phrase possible :)

    Our first photo together, the day we met.

    Peace and love to all of you!