1. Lately.. Summit’s 5th and 6th week of life :)

  2. This lil nugget :)

  3. Summit will be a month old tomorrow! We are so lucky to have her in our life and she has become the biggest blessing I’ve ever had. Becoming a parent has been an absolutely wonderful experience and I can’t wait to see her grow more and more!

  4. Our Summi bummi :) will be 3 weeks old on Thursday! Time flies.

  5. One week ago (yesterday) my gorgeous baby girl was brought into this world in a short 3hr labor and delivery! I give all the credit to raspberry leaf tea, hiking, and a few different natural induction stimulations. She came at 40 weeks and 6 days into the water and was so peaceful and has continued to be since that moment. She has brought my life to a halt and has turned a switch on inside of me that will never be turned off. I am so in love and the way her birth went is part of why things are so magical! This precious bean is perfect in every way and I can’t wait to share my successful birth story to help teach and remind women that our bodies are made to do this, especially drug free, and YOU CAN do it!

  6. This is our baby girl, Summit Maple Laughridge!! Born 7/10/14 at 7:14 pm, weighing in at 7lbs! We had a wonderful all natural birth at the birth center and I did labor and delivery in the water! It was beautiful and we are so happy with our lucky number 7 gal :)

  7. As I am waiting patiently for our baby to arrive I like to watch natural childbirth videos to help prepare myself. This video I just happened to come across on YouTube, but surprisingly enough, MY MIDWIVES are the ones delivering this baby!! Having this video to watch and prepare myself for natural childbirth the next few days (or however long it takes for baby to get here) is such a blessing because I get to see my wonderful midwives in action, which strengthens my trust and faith in them. 

    My due date is in 5 days, but who knows when this baby will come. I am just thankful that we are settled in a place we love with a support team that has really come together quickly, but wonderfully. 

  8. Life is good here in Ogden, Utah!!


  9. Lately..

    I’m getting ready to burst! My belly is growing fast and anywhere from now to about 5 weeks from now our baby will be born! We are loving Utah and very thankful for how life has panned out for us the past few months! Ogden is a very wonderful place and we couldn’t be happier to spend this season of life here!!

  10. It’s been TOO LONG since I have posted… but here is a video of my newest home, Ogden. I am going to start taking video of the new trails I go on and start making Ogden videos for all to see. 

    Please excuse my goofy face at the end of this video :)

  11. Lately Ive been helping out to nanny extra for little Andi.. They live off of Sunset Cliffs and have a beautiful ocean view from the house!

    I’ve also gotten very crafty with onesies and tie dyed and plain dyed them and now I’m painting designs on them!

    Next photo is Eleanor and myself at Santa Cruz beach in OB on Friday.

    First belly pic is on the Huntington Beach Pier this Saturday.. There was a neat kite festival there too! Next pics are the sunset in Newport Beach Saturday night!

    Lastly, we crashed The Dana hotel down the street from our home this Sunday! It’s been a weekend in the sun!


  12. Greetings to all! Baby registry information!

    I know my blogging has been less frequent, but circumstances with internet/my computer needing a new battery/ being busssssy busy busy has made it a little harder. I recently went to TN to visit and Lee got to come too! We had a wonderful time and I was so glad we got time with everyone that is important to me! When we came home, we got back to work with planning and figuring out some things in store for our future, but then we realized that we only have 4 months until the baby is expected to be here! I have made a registry at Target.com and Amazon.com for the baby. The things listed are mainly only essentials.. We have basically nothing so far, so anything on our registries is needed!


    This is a link to find our Target registry. Just type in my name and our registry will pop up as Ashley Meeks + Lee Laughridge registry.


    This is a link to find our Amazon registry. Just type in my name and our registry will pop up!

    We are so appreciative of all of our family and friends who will be gifting us and baby Laughridge with much needed things to enter into our world! Thank you all!

  13. My babe in my belly! Lee and I are going to teach this little one how to love the world, be kind to all, admire and obsess over the outdoors, climb it’s little heart out, and follow his or her dreams! Can’t wait for the day this little one comes into the world and we see if we have a beautiful son or daughter to give all of our unconditional love to!
    Current mission: prepare for motherhood. Learn to gain strengths in my weaknesses, become a more patient and calm being, and keep my baby happy healthy until he or she decides to join us (around July 4th :)


  14. we went to the desert!

    Anza-Borrego Desert State Park to be exact!

    We had a nice and very secluded day hiking in the middle of the desert.. we didn’t see 1 single person! We sat and watched an ant farm being crazy cool and just talked about how nature is just wonderful on the tiniest scale! We also loved spending time walking Eleanor.. she always shows her appreciation when we take her on long walks and hikes. We stayed out there and watched the sunset, then hiked back in the dark. The stars were out but the moon was orange as can be and SO AWESOME! Full moon desert hike?? YES, please :)

    So I am sure most of you know now that I am pregnant.. and if you didn’t know, now ya do! As you can see I kind of look like a little kid here. This first trimester has been tough with no appetite and nausea and I am back to my high school weight of 115. But As of now I am feeling better and eating more so I’ll be packing on the lbs soon enough!

    It was beautiful!

    Me excited about the ants….. I love bugs

    My loves


    Tree pose!

    sweeeeping pup

    I love this man!

  15. Bishop, CA
    Climbing the Buttermilks, Owens River Gorge, and a little hike at Mt. Whitney Portal.